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I really like the sound effect heavy lead in with the weather sounds. Then the notes that come in afterwards are fine and build up nicely with the powerful kick. The drop is sort of what makes the song fall flat for me. Something about the particular sounds used or the mixing turns me off from it. The break after the drop is cool though and the piano part is nice. I like the sounds and everything used there. You're good with all of the ambient sound effects. It adds a lot to the quieter parts. (Something I need to learn to improve on myself) My personal favorite part comes right after the second drop.

1f1n1ty responds:

Thanks for the response! Feedback is always appreciated. :)

The thing that bugs me here is that you seem to name a lot of pros and very few cons, yet your rating is 3/5 stars. Maybe there are some issues that you didn't mention?

Sounds like it would be in a space related horror game. I think this piece is very well done. The pads are eerie, the voice in the background is haunting. The sounds you used here are perfect, and the dissonant build up at the beginning is a good way to start it off. It got my imagination going. I pictured a derelict spaceship floating out in the blackness of space filled with dead crew members who were murdered by some kind of feral alien race. This is a pretty perfect creepy ambient piece you got here. I'd love to play whatever game you have in your head.

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DJstorm903 responds:

Thanks! :D Fall of Agular is based on another planet (a very steam punk planet) in the distant future. the humanoids of Agular live with a settlement of humans who had crashed there in one of the failed experiments of faster then light travel. generations pasted and they grew very close. But another kingdom, ruled by a tyrant named Aryan, is at war with Agular. But, because of the military power of the kingdom and natural protection (mountains) they were never a threat. This was until another alien civilization began to give aryan their technology and military tactics. But, it was a set up and the alien civilization came to conquer the planet while it was in dismay. Then! (triumphant music) because of the main character finding and activating apart of piece of a ship, earth came to defend the settlement and Agular...

I've thought of this a lot...that isn't even the full story. its the sequel to book I had started to write.

This son is pretty good. That bass is juicy and very satisfying to the ears. You use a lot of interesting synths here. Feels like it gets a bit repetitive after a while, even for this being a short song. Sounds like they're some mixing issues at the more complicated parts of the song. Overall though it was fun to listen to.

Al-Neria-Fusioncore responds:

Thanks to Review.


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